Bittersweet Times

If you were here with me tonight
With arms wide open, I’d hold you tight
I swear I’d never let you go again
Your touch is smooth but burns my skin.
The mention of your name brings joy and pain
Oh how I wish I’d changed my life for you to gain.
Thoughts of you won’t leave my mind
Remind me what we left in timebitter
The lonely nights I spend in sorrow
The roads we walk are way too narrow
This heart is fragile, about to break
I give and give, you take and take.
Was this not who we’re meant to be?
Like a bird you fly so free,
No need to grant apologies,
I just wish that it was me.

July 18, 2010


Author: © Алёна Комарова (Alëna S.)

Stories grow old and maybe they're true. You have a story as well as I do. Some may be simple and some may change lives. So why don't you look and see what you'll find. These are the stories inside my mind. Which may be realities of beauty and time. Some maybe stories of other lives. Mysteries painted, not all disguised. Please rate and enjoy my own little blog. Keep your dreams alive and don't forget to look. Honesty's good but don't be too hard of a critic. Say what you'd like 'cause I sure would love to hear it! E S T A B L I S H E D • 2 0 0 9

What do you think? Be Honest.

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