You Know it Quite Well

Yeah I know I’ve let you down
You’ve been holding on your own
Lift your feet up off the groundocenafaith
Just start to sing along.
The never ending melody
The pain you feel within
Don’t have to hide it anymore
Just spill it from your skin.
They say “home is where the heart is”
Do you reclaim this memory?
You left at such a young age
Pushing away all thoughts of me.
Now you know where this led
To your broken heart
Too stubborn to admit it
Thought you were so smart.
But look at what occurred
Future gone, you’re insecure
You pretended but never forgot
It’s drowning you slowly
You’re hurting a lot.
I used to meet you quite a bit
We laughed a lot but now you quit
Was the timing wrong this time?
I’m sorry if I’ve crossed the line.
So hear the words i’d like to say
I hear of miraculous signs done everyday;
It’s hard to believe when you haven’t known
It’s hard to trust when you feel all alone
It’s hard to love when you push people out
It’s hard to be strong with all the doubt.
Please remain faithful
We don’t need to shout
Words of the wise will carry us out.

Oct 17, 2010


Author: © Алёна Комарова (Alëna S.)

Stories grow old and maybe they're true. You have a story as well as I do. Some may be simple and some may change lives. So why don't you look and see what you'll find. These are the stories inside my mind. Which may be realities of beauty and time. Some maybe stories of other lives. Mysteries painted, not all disguised. Please rate and enjoy my own little blog. Keep your dreams alive and don't forget to look. Honesty's good but don't be too hard of a critic. Say what you'd like 'cause I sure would love to hear it! E S T A B L I S H E D • 2 0 0 9

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