No “Good” in Goodbye

Upon their first encounter,
She noticed his sweet smile
As if her heart had melted
She stared for quite a while,
As he approached much closer
Their eyes locked to a stare
At first few words were spoken
She knew none could compare,
The most perfect moment
Described with out a word
As if all sound had faded
He had stepped (forward),
Danced the night away
Memories in making
Beneath the starlit sky
She was now awakened,
Smile again then an embrace
To keep in memory the past
She said hello he said goodbye
Those moments were their first and last.

September 11, 2011

The Actor behind the Scenes

He acts as if he’s got it all together
He knows he can’t play that role forever
He puts his mask on then he says,
“Alright world, here I am!”
Ends the show with a bow
How much lower can he go?
Roses dropping to the floor
The crowd’s clapping even more
His smile has weakened now it seems
He never took the time to chase his dreams.
The curtain closes one last time
Then the lights forbade to shine.
He’s sitting at the mirror desk
Looking back into the past
The memories fade to dust.
He cries all night,
Too afraid to show it,
The pain kept inside
But his fake friends don’t know it.

March 7, 2010

Some Fast Pace Lives

Look at the years that passed us byboys
All they say is ‘how did you get so old?… oh my!’
With out realizing, how many times
we don’t glace enough into each others eyes,
Listening to the sounding melodies
And all the little cries,
Short life filled with regrets
And empty lies
Nervousness creeps inside
That it causes butterflies
People always changing lives
Trying to catch one by surprise
Putting masks on as disguise
Shooting for stars
But only reaching the skies
In the end, they will know,
When all the laughter dies.

Dec. 27, 2009
1:16 am

In the End

I thought I’ve seen you here before
but never got the chance to say goodbye
as you walked out of that door
with out saying why.
Things disappear so many times
and we don’t even realize,
how much time in our lives
is wasted right before our eyes.
So love the one you want to love,
don’t let your chance fly by
because you may never know,
when it’s time to say goodbye

July 11, 2008