A Thousand Miles We Lay Apart

I walk in the footsteps of who you used to be
I miss that sweet smile and the hopes you placed in me
I march alone upon this crumbling road
Waiting for the promises you had never told
I long to hear those words said everyday
Just once from you, only once if that’s ok
And in the night the darkness gleams
Breathes in the beauty of broken dreams
My younger days have passed at last
I’m wishing you the very best
There were nights you made me weep
My heart was restless with no sleep
Even when we’re thousand miles apart
I felt much closer than the start
For all you meant to me, I thought you’d stay
But I guess it’s easier to just walk away.

June 27, 2010

The Actor behind the Scenes

He acts as if he’s got it all together
He knows he can’t play that role forever
He puts his mask on then he says,
“Alright world, here I am!”
Ends the show with a bow
How much lower can he go?
Roses dropping to the floor
The crowd’s clapping even more
His smile has weakened now it seems
He never took the time to chase his dreams.
The curtain closes one last time
Then the lights forbade to shine.
He’s sitting at the mirror desk
Looking back into the past
The memories fade to dust.
He cries all night,
Too afraid to show it,
The pain kept inside
But his fake friends don’t know it.

March 7, 2010