Starlit Nightmare

From a dream I now awaken
Run outside and close the door
By this fate I am now shakenkandi
Was this ever done before?
The earth was an unsettling fire
Children screaming even more
Men push ahead toward their desires
Women’s hearts brake to the core,
Disasters sprung  and filled with madness
Men knew not what to do or say
They grieved in sorrow of their sadness
Losing much hope day by day.
No magic, miracles, or passion
In this place to be revealed
Men paraded in the usual fashion
Hope was far off yet even still.
No place to turn nor to escape
Distressed by this dark illusion
That treacherous forgotten fate
I closed my eyes from this confusion,
I heard a cry of a child weeping
And as I opened up the door
I saw myself quietly sleeping
It is no fate, a dream once more.

July 27, 2011
2:02 am


I held you tighter than ever before
The future was clear when you walked out that door
I smiled at you slightly then gave you a hug
With a tear in your eye, you refused to look back
As soon as you left I hoped you’d come back
But time wasn’t ticking on our broken clock
Frozen forever, right two times a day
With still hour arrows time led to dismay
I waited and waited, but you never came
This was a battle, it’s not just a game,
I’ve held onto you for way too long
And even through distance I tried to be strong,
I’ll tell you a promise, I’ll never let go
But how much I love you, you may never know.

November 29, 2010