Frightened we fell and started fights
Yarned to escape the city lightssearching
Lived with one desire to hide
But our dreams couldn’t catch a ride

We rode onwards, just pretending
That this life was never-ending
It’s no surprise but caught in shock
The moments lived cannot be given back

One chance awaits just to be taken
Another moment lost; mistaken
It’s gone, can’t touch it anymore
Yet we curse courage for walking out the door

We mourn and listen; broken smiles
As courage stands behind the isles.
But if that chance maybe regained
We promise not to cause the pain

We never let it be forgotten
Take it next time before it’s rotten.
But what if this is the only time?
Too late to speak another line,
To touch a heart with the words we never said
And tomorrow may not come,
like the chance that never did.

July 22, 2012
5:57 pm

огни прошлого

Upon dark streets of city lightstumblr_mc8bcqpRZL1r2q0ouo1_1280
Snowy Decembers, lonely nights
Another figure may appear
It’s that look I sought to fear.
Stony gaze right past the eye
Without a word we said goodbye
Crumpling footsteps heard in snow
God was watching us bellow.
And not much time had passed
I thought that we may meet at last
But this was just a wishful memory
Of all that we could never be.

May 5, 2011