Half smiling look and hazy eyesleftintime
Unsure of what to do
Afraid to say goodbye.
Last glance into a mothers face
A hand still held
Small heart is beating out of place.
Destination made has come to stay
A chance has passed
Too late to walk away.
Can’t fly back, so hold your tears
Forget what’s been
Time strikes for brighter years.
Some said You’ll be well better of
Some said You should have stayed
Some said, now kid it’s up to You
But once it’s done, decision’s made.
She could’t bear to look and wave
Into the lonely stares
As moments passed a tear had rolled
But nobody was there.

January 2011

Mirror on the Moon

There is a dream I still hold true
Though it remains unspoken
Maybe in time i’ll be with you
Before this heart breaks open,

Once you were a little bird
In youthful days flew free,
Before life took away a third
Bringing you the gift of me

On this earth, covered by miles
Repeating steps from memory
Passing by with crocked smiles
But only wishing to break free

A walk beyond the city’s lights
Dark sky, a moon the world can see
When you look up during the nights
Realize your presence here with me.

March 7, 2012
3:22 am

I Wish I could Explain…

I tried to think about
The life I couldn’t live without
I write these thoughts without a basis
My mind racing to different places
And way back when in the beginning
I wrote more words without a meaning
And rarely do they ever end
When all I do is just pretend
Those eyes I haven’t seen in many years
May bring a smile or the streaming of the tears
When we shall meet, face to face, hand to hand
The past is gone, the future’s planned
I thought about you every single day
Yet I cannot grasp the things i’d like to say
Fighting my struggles but fears hold me back
I’m searching for courage ’cause it’s what I lack
Pound down the feelings inside my head
Fearful as ever or maybe just dead
But memories keep me alive with you
I miss you so much ’cause it’s all I can do.

March 5, 2011
10:24 pm