Frightened we fell and started fights
Yarned to escape the city lightssearching
Lived with one desire to hide
But our dreams couldn’t catch a ride

We rode onwards, just pretending
That this life was never-ending
It’s no surprise but caught in shock
The moments lived cannot be given back

One chance awaits just to be taken
Another moment lost; mistaken
It’s gone, can’t touch it anymore
Yet we curse courage for walking out the door

We mourn and listen; broken smiles
As courage stands behind the isles.
But if that chance maybe regained
We promise not to cause the pain

We never let it be forgotten
Take it next time before it’s rotten.
But what if this is the only time?
Too late to speak another line,
To touch a heart with the words we never said
And tomorrow may not come,
like the chance that never did.

July 22, 2012
5:57 pm

Departed Places

They say, “It’s not about where you’re going but it’s who you’re with.”
But this was just a song in times we’ve spent in grief
And miles away I wondered, wondered where you’ll be
Into a stream of thought bounded by memory
I have known your name; I haven’t seen your face
The room between my fingers was your empty space
I’m chasing just a memory of ten years ago
I guess some things have changed but I may never know
I hear it took some courage the way our timing flew
They said that in the end, one may not feel so blue
Where did directions change? The compass was now lost
Can’t find my way back home, it’s you I miss the most!
Our lives were full of chances that were never taken
Many mistakes were made but some were not forsaken
I wanted you to be there, I wanted you to see
The things that never came to pass – our future memory
They say, “What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”
I only wish you stuck around for just a moment longer.

April 4, 2011
9:29 pmdeparted

Don’t Let Pride Sit

There is a word, a thought, beginning
A simple smile without sinning
But it all fades when fear obliges
Leaves no room for Courageous badgesye
The mouth is stuck and cannot speak
But words still pour without a leak
All in the head cannot escape
Courage hides behind the drape
Forgotten words and silent moments
Wrap the body with its currents
With a breath comes out to say
Before fear gets in the way
Smacking Courage in the face
The words are silent, out of place
Disappointment comes to stay
For things the heart had feared to say
The chance is gone, no coming back
The fault is mine, no room for luck
The sleepless night beat by frustration
Courage knocks with agitation
The door is opened up once more
A second chance and time to score
Grabbing Courage by the hand
Pride has left without a friend
Once again a lesson learned
Say words before they’re overturned.

December 21, 2011
9:49 pm

Silly Dentist, This is No Place for Kids!

Please sign bellow and take a seat
You just sold your soul, now pick up the beat
Sound of the heels against the tile white floor
Silent screams and blood shoots to the corescared-baby
A name to be called, yet you continue to sit still
With a loud gulp you hope it’s not real
Repeats the name as she taps your shoulder
That tap was no tap, but like a shot to a soldier
Slowly up with cold toes and shaky hands
Forget how to breathe, no more oxygen cans
Walk in the darkness toward the unreasoned fate
No splash of goodness is left on your plate
Finally enter the witches room filled with sharp tools
All the other visitors must be crazy fools!
Some sit with puffy eyes and cotton balls in hand
Some even look like chipmunks, no smile there my friend
Gibberish is all you hear, no words left to speak
Before you know your knees feel weak
Sit for an endless minute in the operation chair
What is this madness, you cannot compare
She comes with a saw and ready to drill
Your eyes pop out; she’s ready to kill
What to do next? You cannot not think
Sprint from the chair and gone in a blink
Run even faster than Forest Gump
Miles away from this place, you’re no chump
Gasping for air, the escape has been made
Hide in the trenches, not brave, but afraid
At once you’ve been caught, sitting back in the seat
Ribcage is shaking as numbness engulfs the feet
Now you are trapped, too shaky to stand
The time is now, no escape, that’s the end.

September 17, 2012

(The rest of the tale is up to your imagination
Note to self: Don’t welcome this moment with much anticipation). 

I Wish I could Explain…

I tried to think about
The life I couldn’t live without
I write these thoughts without a basis
My mind racing to different places
And way back when in the beginning
I wrote more words without a meaning
And rarely do they ever end
When all I do is just pretend
Those eyes I haven’t seen in many years
May bring a smile or the streaming of the tears
When we shall meet, face to face, hand to hand
The past is gone, the future’s planned
I thought about you every single day
Yet I cannot grasp the things i’d like to say
Fighting my struggles but fears hold me back
I’m searching for courage ’cause it’s what I lack
Pound down the feelings inside my head
Fearful as ever or maybe just dead
But memories keep me alive with you
I miss you so much ’cause it’s all I can do.

March 5, 2011
10:24 pm