All the Things We Left Behind

I just wanted to hold you,
To see you one last time,
And to give you back those memories
That we had left behind.

I’m sorry for our future
That we can’t spend together,
But I know this love,
That it would last forever.

To see that look in your eyes
When you said those last goodbyes.
I’ve lost 13 years here on my own,
I need your strength to carry on.

I want you back,
Right by my side,
To hold my hand
Make me smile.

I wish that I could know you
And get a kiss goodnight,
To know that in the end
Everything’s alright.

Time is passing by,
But we’re just growing older
And all those moments in my life
Are only moving farther.

I never thought it’d be this way,
But this is who we are
Just some plain sea shells
Washed upon the oceans floor.

But nobody remembers
And no one even knows,
The times we’ve spent together
And all dreams that were lost.

June 15, 2009




I held you tighter than ever before
The future was clear when you walked out that door
I smiled at you slightly then gave you a hug
With a tear in your eye, you refused to look back
As soon as you left I hoped you’d come back
But time wasn’t ticking on our broken clock
Frozen forever, right two times a day
With still hour arrows time led to dismay
I waited and waited, but you never came
This was a battle, it’s not just a game,
I’ve held onto you for way too long
And even through distance I tried to be strong,
I’ll tell you a promise, I’ll never let go
But how much I love you, you may never know.

November 29, 2010