A Chat with Time

Snow filled Decembers
Quiet dreamy nights
The youthful days remembered
Battles, snowball fights,
Time has turned on me again
For a moment close my eyes
We were never really friends
You just caught me by surprise,
so delicate and true
Took away my favorite years
So Time I blame this all on you
As you swallow down my tears,
And although you live forever
I didn’t expect that you would lasttiem
I wished at once to be together
With the moments of my past.
I enjoyed but never appreciated
Now my youthful days are gone
You took away the moments we created
No longer free, but I am strong.
Warning us that life gets harder
But I guess it’s just too late
For we already grew much older
Entered into a different gate.
But here’s a thanks for lessons learned
You gave the best of all the years
Those moments may not be returned
You helped me overgrow my fears.
A sweet goodbye to childhood days
Yet Time, you always stay
As for the heart where memory lays
I hope will not decay.

September 5, 2011



One calls the Heart

It’s not a matter of where one comes fromtumblr_mgdn8k4LSc1qlr3ufo1_1280

But rather where the heart belongs
Years of residing in such a place
Longing for something besides empty space
The heart was planted where it has begun
Forever shall stand, being guarded by none
Searching for places it may never go
A hunger to find a home to grow
One will return to the place he comes from
For the love in the heart is the one only home.

October 3, 2011
11:53 am