Thank You Sparky Flames!


The crowd stopped roaring, all silent and still
Our season has ended, I thought it’s not real
Hard to believe, sad but true
All of these moments I’m presenting to you.
With sweaty t-shirts and achy bones
We marched forward to take our thrones
We fought hard and fast we skated
Last game on our hands, score overrated
Carving the ice with every foot race
Not giving up, keeping up with the pace
In the last moments, eyes on the clock
Just 50 seconds to never look back
Alyssa flew past all the enemy lines
Juking and swerving like she do it for #Vines
Beauty was witnessed, a goal was scored
Miracles happen as the crowd roared,
These are the times we can never replace
It’s like winning gold in the Olympic race!
In dog-pile embrace with excitement we fell
The rest of story is yet to tell.
With glossy eyes, the clock ran to a stop
We looked at ourselves, but could not go back
Last game of our lives seemed so crazy as spoken
We laughed at the irony of my stick being broken,
But it was a blessing to play with you ladies
Wise little beauties, fun and such crazies
You guys have taught me so much through these years
Drugs are bad, frozen ice is water, i’m Russia Fierce.
As a senior I would just like to say
Live simply and more words to pass on your way;
I hope you find beauty in all that you do
I hope you see things that are bigger than you
I hope that you travel to many new places
Always looking up and meeting new faces
I hope you remember the moments we shared
The times we were laughing and times we were scared
I hope that you never let fear hold you back
If you know who you are then get on track
Youth is short so make it the best
Because honey, the truth is, these moments don’t last
So I give up my pen, please write your own story
From Russia with love, just Go For Glory!

Feb. 23, 2015
1:21 am


The Author to Her Book

Please whisper,
Whisper in my ear
Because it’s your words
That I long to hear
Please tell me,
Tell me we all have a voice
Because we were lost
But then found by choice
Please take me,
Take me far away from here
Wrap me in your arms
And let me disappear
Please write me,
Write me what was said
So that when memory escapesimagination
You won’t leave my head
Please fill me,
Drive me to be mad
Engulf me in adventures,
And passions that I never had
Please keep me,
Keep me close to you
So when I have no words to say
Remind me that you do
Please be there,
When I am old and gray
To speak about the story
I never had a chance to say.

November 21, 2013
4 pm

Order of Operations

I want to see life
In it’s simplest occasion
I long to discover
Purpose without persuasion
I want to return
To the mind of the child
I long to let go
Run free and wild
I want to forget
All these things I have known
I long to erase memories
As to the past I return
I want to learn
Without judgement, not in vain
I long to inhale fully
To seek adventure, forget pain
I want to change
From the inside out
I long to find
The things I can live without
I want to read
With imagination in mind
I long to experience
Love beyond kind
I want to be patient
I am willing to wait
I long to have courage
To grant life a new fate.

November 25, 2012
4:47 pm

“Remember Me”

Another shot.
He falls face down.
Landmines popping from the ground.
Crawling just to get around.
Pain in the leg.
Unpleasant sound.
His partner’s bombed.
Flips up-side-down.
Grenade is thrown.
He can’t be found.

“All is fair in love and war.”
Is this true?
I can’t be sure.
He’s gone,
In soil deep with in
The depths, In which no man has seen.

His family photo buried in dirt.
The life he’d live would have to hurt.
This country’s lost one great man.
His face will not be seen again.
All they can say is, “remember when.”

The news has come and spread.
Mama cries all night in bed.
The children barely smile.
Hoping he comes home after a while.
But they are just too young to see.
The thought of him is just a memory.
He says, “Remember me.”

April 4, 2010

Too Far for Possibilities

All seemed as it was yesterday
Our time was done, you ran away.
The morning breeze crept in our souls
You promised me, you won’t let go.
I’ve waited years to see your face
Love wasn’t it, that’s not the case
I couldn’t keep a constant pace
You always put me on a chase
My heart gave out, I lost the race.
Now that I’m gone, you have your space
The memory is but a trace
Of what has been in this great place
That’s what a man cannot replace.

August 19, 2010
9:59 am