Childhood Forest

ImageWe walked in the wild
Galoshes on our feet
More than one child
Marching by the beat
Smiling faces
Wondering eyes
Galloping from places
Caught up in surprise
A trip and fall
A snake or two
A distant call
Like in a zoo
A howl, a hiss
Is not absurd
The arrow missed
Pull out the sword
A drink, a splash
A sting, a bite
No need for cash
Can fly a kite
A jump, a shout
It’s all it is
Imagination played out
In the wilderness.

May 3, 2012


The Moon Has a Face

When I was young
Was an old friend of mine
Before I closed my eyes at night,
Music bounced on every line,
Humming songs
From old stories
Tales of battles and the glories
Legends dying
Those who save
No man has ever seen their grave,
But they remain
Sweet as a bedtime lallibu
I have loved those goodnight stories
Time only passed us by and by
Then I’d wonder by the window
Where the rain has passed at last
And the clouds escaped the sky
Only leaving mist and dust,
As I gaze into the eyes
To find the wonderful surprise
Pretty close, but far away
A cold and alienated place
Where gravity it cannot stay
My moon, it has a face.

August 6, 2011


The Inner Heart in Outer World

The memory had faded as he melted in her eyes
She could sense a little fear crawling up inside
Too afraid to show it, she couldn’t help but cry
Everyday she grew apart never knowing why.
A weeping moan was heard with every line she’s spoken
The words that bounced inside her head had finally been broken
She wanted to remember for a second in a glance
What may be lost forever or might remain its chance
Tried to think much deeper, but words came to a blank
She gazed up at the mirror above the kitchen sink
And all the hopes had faded when her eyes met reflection
She knew it wasn’t love he’s for, the catch is for perfection
The memory grew clearer when moments passed like days
She steped outside to breathe, he molds her into clay
Her thoughts became quite simple “true beauty’s found within!”
Looks don’t last forever, as lust turns into sin.

January 3, 2010