Departed Places

They say, “It’s not about where you’re going but it’s who you’re with.”
But this was just a song in times we’ve spent in grief
And miles away I wondered, wondered where you’ll be
Into a stream of thought bounded by memory
I have known your name; I haven’t seen your face
The room between my fingers was your empty space
I’m chasing just a memory of ten years ago
I guess some things have changed but I may never know
I hear it took some courage the way our timing flew
They said that in the end, one may not feel so blue
Where did directions change? The compass was now lost
Can’t find my way back home, it’s you I miss the most!
Our lives were full of chances that were never taken
Many mistakes were made but some were not forsaken
I wanted you to be there, I wanted you to see
The things that never came to pass – our future memory
They say, “What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”
I only wish you stuck around for just a moment longer.

April 4, 2011
9:29 pmdeparted

Too Far for Possibilities

All seemed as it was yesterday
Our time was done, you ran away.
The morning breeze crept in our souls
You promised me, you won’t let go.
I’ve waited years to see your face
Love wasn’t it, that’s not the case
I couldn’t keep a constant pace
You always put me on a chase
My heart gave out, I lost the race.
Now that I’m gone, you have your space
The memory is but a trace
Of what has been in this great place
That’s what a man cannot replace.

August 19, 2010
9:59 am