Roots of the Young

Remembering when this first started
Even before the day we parted
When a heart was young and tender
No need to be the best pretender
When smiles and laughter brought us pleasure
When we relied on heavenly treasure
Faith so big one cannot hide
Now not so sure, consumed by pride
Sitting and wondering thinking about
The questions no man can figure out.
When being Yourself was the best one could be
Life was adventure, imagination flew free,
But those days are gone as older we get
Memories fade, we begin to forget
The old fun times, the most wonderful places
Gone in a blank, now meeting new faces
And those are the years we can never regain
Life without troubles, life without pain
We’re just a story that’s yet to be told
Smiling and crying while growing old.

October 10, 2011

Your Faith

I never lived your life
I never fought your war
But what you’ve becomepushkin
You will know for sure

So tell me what’s forgotten
The things I couldn’t see
In moments that had mattered
Those words came back to me

He said “I am your God
Who’s waiting on the throne
For you to be my child
Before your time is gone”

The peace that came upon you
I could not comprehend
Was something supernatural
I just can’t understand.

September 26, 2010
1:48 pm