Речка золотая
к месяцу плывет,
Теплыми ручьями
месяц обоймет.
Глянет вниз наш месяц
теплым, теплым станет,
свет его лучистый
до земли достанет.

2002 (Russia)
(original version)
~Алёна Комарова

Stream gold
to the moon floats,
Warm streams
month horror shall cover.
Would look down our monthly
heat, heat will,
light of his radiant
to the ground reach.

(English translation)


The Moon Has a Face

When I was young
Was an old friend of mine
Before I closed my eyes at night,
Music bounced on every line,
Humming songs
From old stories
Tales of battles and the glories
Legends dying
Those who save
No man has ever seen their grave,
But they remain
Sweet as a bedtime lallibu
I have loved those goodnight stories
Time only passed us by and by
Then I’d wonder by the window
Where the rain has passed at last
And the clouds escaped the sky
Only leaving mist and dust,
As I gaze into the eyes
To find the wonderful surprise
Pretty close, but far away
A cold and alienated place
Where gravity it cannot stay
My moon, it has a face.

August 6, 2011


Mirror on the Moon

There is a dream I still hold true
Though it remains unspoken
Maybe in time i’ll be with you
Before this heart breaks open,

Once you were a little bird
In youthful days flew free,
Before life took away a third
Bringing you the gift of me

On this earth, covered by miles
Repeating steps from memory
Passing by with crocked smiles
But only wishing to break free

A walk beyond the city’s lights
Dark sky, a moon the world can see
When you look up during the nights
Realize your presence here with me.

March 7, 2012
3:22 am

Moon Reflections

The moon paints a picture on the ridged sea,
Light dances on the surface as it breaks free
The night is calm as it can be
Silence prevails its mystery
Palm trees swaying in the wind,
The sand reaches the waves it skinned
Starry nights light up the sky
Yet, darkness swallows all the light,
Reflections fade as morning sets
The sleepers dream but don’t forget.

August 18, 2010