Don’t Let Pride Sit

There is a word, a thought, beginning
A simple smile without sinning
But it all fades when fear obliges
Leaves no room for Courageous badgesye
The mouth is stuck and cannot speak
But words still pour without a leak
All in the head cannot escape
Courage hides behind the drape
Forgotten words and silent moments
Wrap the body with its currents
With a breath comes out to say
Before fear gets in the way
Smacking Courage in the face
The words are silent, out of place
Disappointment comes to stay
For things the heart had feared to say
The chance is gone, no coming back
The fault is mine, no room for luck
The sleepless night beat by frustration
Courage knocks with agitation
The door is opened up once more
A second chance and time to score
Grabbing Courage by the hand
Pride has left without a friend
Once again a lesson learned
Say words before they’re overturned.

December 21, 2011
9:49 pm


Too Far for Possibilities

All seemed as it was yesterday
Our time was done, you ran away.
The morning breeze crept in our souls
You promised me, you won’t let go.
I’ve waited years to see your face
Love wasn’t it, that’s not the case
I couldn’t keep a constant pace
You always put me on a chase
My heart gave out, I lost the race.
Now that I’m gone, you have your space
The memory is but a trace
Of what has been in this great place
That’s what a man cannot replace.

August 19, 2010
9:59 am