Where Adventure Hides

In the moments of absolute happiness
In the curious smiles of children
In the broken paths of the woods
In the steps of our feet
In the questions to our answers
In the abandoned crevices of old buildingstumblr_mldask92JP1rjv16co1_500
In the rusty cathedral bell towers
In the endless fields of scattered flowers
In the dark corners of our basements
In the print filled pages of our libraries
In the smell of pine needles and cookies during Christmas
In the freedom of music and dance
In the laughter of those who have known pain
In the scent of white birch forests touched by morning dew
In the first twenty seconds of courage
In the forgotten silence of the wind
In the graffiti painted walls by the train stations
In the sounds of flipping pages through the isles of a bookstore
In the multi-cultural inhabitants of the loud cities
In the poverty-stricken cottages of a lonely world
In the eyes of forsaken children without mothers
In the noises of the occupied playgrounds
In the piles of multicolored leaves in October
In behind the fences that we climbed
In the puddles of last evenings rain
In the golden glow of the moons face
In the bitter cold air after a laden snowfall
In the rush of sledding down a huge hill
In the fragrance of fresh watermelon on a summer’s day
In the words and paintings of long dead artists
In the photographs of dusty, old scrapbooks
On the streets where we grew up.

Do you remember…
Do you remember…

February 10, 2013
(unedited draft)

In the Memory of You…

I cannot feel your beloved touch
but I can sense your presence.
Your breath is still unseen
through the cold air.
I can see you looking from above,
Those eyes filled with sorrow
Oh how you wish there was tomorrow.
So many words were left unsaid
So many thoughts bounce through my head.
So many questions to be asked,
Is this all?… It cannot last!
Where did you go? Is this time now?
Could I’ve prevented it somehow?
I remember that sweet smile on your face
and how I felt your warm embrace.
Only if God’s plan was different
Only if your days could last,
I can’t look back into the past.
What’s done is done
What’s said is said
The future’s here,
And now you’re dead.
I’m out of tears,
I cannot cry,
There was no chance to say goodbye.

July 14, 2009