You Are A Kindness

You had a mystery about you
And I saw it in your eyes
From the moment that I met you
You caught the crowd by surprise.

Maybe those eyes covered in sadness
And for that heart there was a plan
Someday, someone would catch your madness
And let yourself live free again.

Perhaps there was another passion
That was yet to be revealed
A hopeful voice, in usual fashion
Whispering “please just be still,

Stop running, searching, contemplating,
Breathe, and let you mind just soar,”
Because there was a human waiting,
One that you had not met before.

For a moment you remembered
How it was to really feel,
A child dancing in September
To cry, to know that it was real,

To imagine, to let go,
To live a life that’s being lived
You are not the thoughts you know
You are more than You’ve believed!

And one day you’ll see it too
How you light up every room
And those tears that you once knew
Won’t be coming back so soon.


August 24, 2017


A Chat with Time

Snow filled Decembers
Quiet dreamy nights
The youthful days remembered
Battles, snowball fights,
Time has turned on me again
For a moment close my eyes
We were never really friends
You just caught me by surprise,
so delicate and true
Took away my favorite years
So Time I blame this all on you
As you swallow down my tears,
And although you live forever
I didn’t expect that you would lasttiem
I wished at once to be together
With the moments of my past.
I enjoyed but never appreciated
Now my youthful days are gone
You took away the moments we created
No longer free, but I am strong.
Warning us that life gets harder
But I guess it’s just too late
For we already grew much older
Entered into a different gate.
But here’s a thanks for lessons learned
You gave the best of all the years
Those moments may not be returned
You helped me overgrow my fears.
A sweet goodbye to childhood days
Yet Time, you always stay
As for the heart where memory lays
I hope will not decay.

September 5, 2011


Mirror on the Moon

There is a dream I still hold true
Though it remains unspoken
Maybe in time i’ll be with you
Before this heart breaks open,

Once you were a little bird
In youthful days flew free,
Before life took away a third
Bringing you the gift of me

On this earth, covered by miles
Repeating steps from memory
Passing by with crocked smiles
But only wishing to break free

A walk beyond the city’s lights
Dark sky, a moon the world can see
When you look up during the nights
Realize your presence here with me.

March 7, 2012
3:22 am

In the End

I thought I’ve seen you here before
but never got the chance to say goodbye
as you walked out of that door
with out saying why.
Things disappear so many times
and we don’t even realize,
how much time in our lives
is wasted right before our eyes.
So love the one you want to love,
don’t let your chance fly by
because you may never know,
when it’s time to say goodbye

July 11, 2008