“Remember Me”

Another shot.
He falls face down.
Landmines popping from the ground.
Crawling just to get around.
Pain in the leg.
Unpleasant sound.
His partner’s bombed.
Flips up-side-down.
Grenade is thrown.
He can’t be found.

“All is fair in love and war.”
Is this true?
I can’t be sure.
He’s gone,
In soil deep with in
The depths, In which no man has seen.

His family photo buried in dirt.
The life he’d live would have to hurt.
This country’s lost one great man.
His face will not be seen again.
All they can say is, “remember when.”

The news has come and spread.
Mama cries all night in bed.
The children barely smile.
Hoping he comes home after a while.
But they are just too young to see.
The thought of him is just a memory.
He says, “Remember me.”

April 4, 2010