In Words

When the world turns oh, so bitter
And tears start pouring down like rain
I hope to find i’m not a quitter
By the words that will remain.

Hundreds of years, a thousand faces push

Stories of passion, dreams, and time
From all around in different places
Beauty reveled in every line.

Alive he wrote the books we save
Now to the memories we’re bound
How still he lies within his grave
Speaking words without a single sound.

Yet, life he loved at its best
And closed the darkest door
Forgiving days of old past
Into the words of poetry he’d pour.

Love was a topic much admired
He brought a piece of it to earth
The only wish he had desired
Fragmented by the sin at birth.

I whisper words with admiration
In the filled pages of his book
Such pure and honest  inspiration
Gives my life a brand new look.

July 24, 2011
(Inspired by poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin)




Don’t Let Pride Sit

There is a word, a thought, beginning
A simple smile without sinning
But it all fades when fear obliges
Leaves no room for Courageous badgesye
The mouth is stuck and cannot speak
But words still pour without a leak
All in the head cannot escape
Courage hides behind the drape
Forgotten words and silent moments
Wrap the body with its currents
With a breath comes out to say
Before fear gets in the way
Smacking Courage in the face
The words are silent, out of place
Disappointment comes to stay
For things the heart had feared to say
The chance is gone, no coming back
The fault is mine, no room for luck
The sleepless night beat by frustration
Courage knocks with agitation
The door is opened up once more
A second chance and time to score
Grabbing Courage by the hand
Pride has left without a friend
Once again a lesson learned
Say words before they’re overturned.

December 21, 2011
9:49 pm

You Know it Quite Well

Yeah I know I’ve let you down
You’ve been holding on your own
Lift your feet up off the groundocenafaith
Just start to sing along.
The never ending melody
The pain you feel within
Don’t have to hide it anymore
Just spill it from your skin.
They say “home is where the heart is”
Do you reclaim this memory?
You left at such a young age
Pushing away all thoughts of me.
Now you know where this led
To your broken heart
Too stubborn to admit it
Thought you were so smart.
But look at what occurred
Future gone, you’re insecure
You pretended but never forgot
It’s drowning you slowly
You’re hurting a lot.
I used to meet you quite a bit
We laughed a lot but now you quit
Was the timing wrong this time?
I’m sorry if I’ve crossed the line.
So hear the words i’d like to say
I hear of miraculous signs done everyday;
It’s hard to believe when you haven’t known
It’s hard to trust when you feel all alone
It’s hard to love when you push people out
It’s hard to be strong with all the doubt.
Please remain faithful
We don’t need to shout
Words of the wise will carry us out.

Oct 17, 2010

I Wish I could Explain…

I tried to think about
The life I couldn’t live without
I write these thoughts without a basis
My mind racing to different places
And way back when in the beginning
I wrote more words without a meaning
And rarely do they ever end
When all I do is just pretend
Those eyes I haven’t seen in many years
May bring a smile or the streaming of the tears
When we shall meet, face to face, hand to hand
The past is gone, the future’s planned
I thought about you every single day
Yet I cannot grasp the things i’d like to say
Fighting my struggles but fears hold me back
I’m searching for courage ’cause it’s what I lack
Pound down the feelings inside my head
Fearful as ever or maybe just dead
But memories keep me alive with you
I miss you so much ’cause it’s all I can do.

March 5, 2011
10:24 pm