You Are A Kindness

You had a mystery about you
And I saw it in your eyes
From the moment that I met you
You caught the crowd by surprise.

Maybe those eyes covered in sadness
And for that heart there was a plan
Someday, someone would catch your madness
And let yourself live free again.

Perhaps there was another passion
That was yet to be revealed
A hopeful voice, in usual fashion
Whispering “please just be still,

Stop running, searching, contemplating,
Breathe, and let you mind just soar,”
Because there was a human waiting,
One that you had not met before.

For a moment you remembered
How it was to really feel,
A child dancing in September
To cry, to know that it was real,

To imagine, to let go,
To live a life that’s being lived
You are not the thoughts you know
You are more than You’ve believed!

And one day you’ll see it too
How you light up every room
And those tears that you once knew
Won’t be coming back so soon.


August 24, 2017


The Author to Her Book

Please whisper,
Whisper in my ear
Because it’s your words
That I long to hear
Please tell me,
Tell me we all have a voice
Because we were lost
But then found by choice
Please take me,
Take me far away from here
Wrap me in your arms
And let me disappear
Please write me,
Write me what was said
So that when memory escapesimagination
You won’t leave my head
Please fill me,
Drive me to be mad
Engulf me in adventures,
And passions that I never had
Please keep me,
Keep me close to you
So when I have no words to say
Remind me that you do
Please be there,
When I am old and gray
To speak about the story
I never had a chance to say.

November 21, 2013
4 pm

Walking with a Dead Poet

If I had another momentpot
Just to bring you back to me
Then the story may be finished
Out of this world we could flee.

Run our feet beside the sunset
Lie beneath the bright blue sky
Hand in hand we’ll be together
Hand in hand we’ll say goodbye.

In the night we’ll reach for stars
Sit for hours by the ocean
Moonlight will guide the way back home
Forget about the worlds commotion.

Speak of poetry we will
Create dreams of oceans deep
Your timid love, so true and real
With open hearts we then shall sleep.

Slowly we’ll drown within our passion
Never will I leave the arms of your embrace,
And when I gaze into the mirror
I wish to see beside me, your charming, perfect face.

July 26, 2011

The Actor behind the Scenes

He acts as if he’s got it all together
He knows he can’t play that role forever
He puts his mask on then he says,
“Alright world, here I am!”
Ends the show with a bow
How much lower can he go?
Roses dropping to the floor
The crowd’s clapping even more
His smile has weakened now it seems
He never took the time to chase his dreams.
The curtain closes one last time
Then the lights forbade to shine.
He’s sitting at the mirror desk
Looking back into the past
The memories fade to dust.
He cries all night,
Too afraid to show it,
The pain kept inside
But his fake friends don’t know it.

March 7, 2010