Days of Old Wonders

The empty swing now sits in dust
The broken chains have turned to rust
Stories of our childhood told
The magic of the young and bold
Charming bright smiles run around town
In search of adventure which cannot be found
The wildest of all imagination
Made by the hands of God’s creation
From the first bruise to the last sting
Wonderful memories forward to bring
Now young no more, I understand
But, how I wish to be a child again,
Laughing our heads off out in the snow
As Guardian Angels watched us bellow
Ninja chopping the waves of the Pacific ocean
Cart-wheels on the beach without any lotion
Playing with bugs and the famous snail race
Swinging on ropes like the pirates we chase
Climbing on trees and breaking bones
Splashing in water or skipping stones
Roller blade rides under the lights
King of the hill and snowball fights
Building sandcastles and men of snow
Telling stories with a puppet show
Constructing great snow forts and sledding outside
Down the icy white hills, the most wonderful ride
Dancing in the summer shower
Breathe in the air like smelling a flower
Wishing and dreaming upon a star
Impossible is nothing, a kid is who you are!
Dreams of being astronauts, flying to the moon
No longer a kid, but I’ll be coming back real soon.

July 6, 2011



A Chat with Time

Snow filled Decembers
Quiet dreamy nights
The youthful days remembered
Battles, snowball fights,
Time has turned on me again
For a moment close my eyes
We were never really friends
You just caught me by surprise,
so delicate and true
Took away my favorite years
So Time I blame this all on you
As you swallow down my tears,
And although you live forever
I didn’t expect that you would lasttiem
I wished at once to be together
With the moments of my past.
I enjoyed but never appreciated
Now my youthful days are gone
You took away the moments we created
No longer free, but I am strong.
Warning us that life gets harder
But I guess it’s just too late
For we already grew much older
Entered into a different gate.
But here’s a thanks for lessons learned
You gave the best of all the years
Those moments may not be returned
You helped me overgrow my fears.
A sweet goodbye to childhood days
Yet Time, you always stay
As for the heart where memory lays
I hope will not decay.

September 5, 2011


The Moon Has a Face

When I was young
Was an old friend of mine
Before I closed my eyes at night,
Music bounced on every line,
Humming songs
From old stories
Tales of battles and the glories
Legends dying
Those who save
No man has ever seen their grave,
But they remain
Sweet as a bedtime lallibu
I have loved those goodnight stories
Time only passed us by and by
Then I’d wonder by the window
Where the rain has passed at last
And the clouds escaped the sky
Only leaving mist and dust,
As I gaze into the eyes
To find the wonderful surprise
Pretty close, but far away
A cold and alienated place
Where gravity it cannot stay
My moon, it has a face.

August 6, 2011